Where can I find Beau Blooms flowers?

Beau Blooms is a home-based florist in Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield, Quebec. You can preorder bouquets to pick up from my workshop in Beaconsfield.

Do you have Grab-n-Go bouquets available?

Yes! Beau Blooms grab-n-go bouquets are now available at Espace RΓͺverie in Valois Village (49A Avenue Donegani, Pointe-Claire). Bouquets at this location usually range from $25-35.Β 

If you would like to pick up a last minute bouquet in Beaconsfield, please give me a call to confirm.

Where do you source your flowers?

We buy our flowers from a wholesaler that imports from greenhouses in warmer parts of Canada as well as overseas. In the summer months, we source as many flowers as possible from local farmers.

How long do your flowers last?

Our clients normally enjoy their flowers for 10+ days!