About us

HI my name's Christine! I started Beau Blooms to bring flowers and colour to you and your loved ones. My vision started off as a mobile bouquet trailer inspired by our local Beaurepaire market and evolved into this plus a home based floral workshop. I never anticipated how much joy this business would give me. I'm so happy making bouquets and I sincerely love meeting you all at markets or when you pick up your orders! I have also discovered that delivering flowers is the best job possible - there is so much happiness in receiving flowers as a gift, whatever the occasion.
Non flower facts; I have an MSc and continue to work at a local University. 
I grew up in 5 different countries but have lived in Beaurepaire village with my husband, boys and dogs for more than 20 years now - we're so fortunate to be a part of this community!
Looking forward to meeting you soon!